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Catalog Number 2011.22.749
Title Industrial Edition of "The Hampton Monitor": Jamestown Exposition Supplement
Credit line Courtesy of Ann Chambers Mennell, in memory of Girard Chambers, Jr.
Collection Girard Chambers, Jr. Collection
Object Type Booklet
Date August 1907
Description/Scope & Content Special Industrial and Jamestown Ter-Centennial Exposition edition of "The Hampton Monitor", published in August 1907. The publication describes the "progress", "character", history, government, economy, business activities, and notable citizens of Hampton, including photos and other images.
--Page 1: International Naval Review, Hampton Roads - Jamestown Exposition (image). Introductory Material.
--Page 2: Hon. Thornton F. Jones, Mayor (image); Early History; Queen Street, Looking West (image); Rich in History.
--Page 3: The Climate and Health (by W.A. Plecker, M.D.); King Street Baptist Church (image); Oyster Tonging in Hampton Roads (image).
--Page 4: Ancient St. John's; The Post Office; Mayors of Hampton; Hampton Town Clerks; The Streets; Churches; St. John's Church - Oldest Parish in America (image); Mines and Metallurgy Building, Jamestown Exposition (image).
--Page 5: Fraternal orders; A Prolific Trucking Section; The Great Oyster Industry; Geographical Position; Hampton Guardians; Our Fire Fighters; Round About Hampton - Old Point Comfort, The Rip-Raps, Newport News, Cape Henry, Yorktown; Crab Fishing Fleet, Hampton Creek (image); 1907 Jamestown Ter-Centenary (map).
--Page 6: Memorial Baptist Church (image); (Round About Hampton continued) - Jamestown Island, Buckroe Beach, Ocean View, Virginia Beach, The City of Norfolk, Portsmouth; Williamsburg, Around Hampton Roads; The Jamestown Exposition; Hampton In Ruins, 1862 (image); States Exhibit Palace - Jamestown Exposition.
--Page 7: The Moat - Fortress Monroe (image); Opening of the Library - Hampton Institute (image).
--Page 8: Col. E.E. Savage - Age 92 Hampton's Oldest Citizen (image); Hampton Institute; Powhatan Oak - Age 1,000 Years - Jamestown Exposition (image); Academic Hall - Hampton Institute (image).
--Page 9: What Has Been Done for the Negro; What Has Been Done for the Indian; First Methodist Church (image); Hampton's Mammoth Oyster Industry - Packing Plant of J.S. Darling & Son (image).
--Page 10: Hampton's Young Men's Christian Association (with untitled image); "Carry Me Back to Old Virginia"; Presbyterian Church (image); The Hampton Monitor; Illuminated War Ships, Hampton Roads, Opening Night, Jamestown Exposition (image).
--Page 11: Home of Hampton Lodge of Elks (image); The Public Schools; Hampton's "Beauty" [Police] Squad (image).
--Page 12: The Newport News Light and Water Company; The County Court House (image); Hampton Fire Department Headquarters (image); Auditorium, Jamestown Exposition (image); Hampton Roads, World's Finest Harbor, Old Point Comfort [Hotel Chamberlin] (image).
--Page 13: The Historic Church Tower, at Jamestown Island (image); Who We Are: Hampton's Leading Men and Commercial Enterprises; Hon. Thornton F. Jones, Mayor of Hampton; David Johnson, County Treasurer (with image); Hon. S. Gordon Cumming; William E. Lawson, Oyster Inspector (with image).
--Page 14: Robert K. Curtis, Sheriff, of Elizabeth City County (with image); First National Bank of Hampton; Harry W. Booker, Commissioner of Revenue (with image); Judge John W.G. Blackstone; C.T. Holtzclaw.
--Page 15: C. Ethelbert Cheyne (with image); W.T. Patrick; Dr. Chas. May Carey (with image); Queen Street, Looking Eastward (image).
--Page 16: The Home Fire Insurance Corporation of Virginia; Alonzo A. Patrick, City Treasurer (with image); Murray's Pharmacy; Oscar Williams; The Cornwallis Surrender Monument at Yorktown (image); Old Powder House at Williamsburg (image).
--Page 17: William F. Evans & Co. (with image: W.F. Evans & Co.'s Oyster Packing Plant); George R. Wood; Newell & Company (with image: E.D. Newell); Hampton from the Harbor (image).
--Page 18: John W. Rowe Co. (with image: Wholesale Grocery Establishment of The J.W. Rowe Co., Inc.); Tennis Construction Co. (with image: One of the Boats of the Tennis Construction Co.); Philip Lindenberger.
--Page 19: The Bank of Hampton (with image: The Bank of Hampton, the Oldest Bank on the Peninsula).
--Page 20: Wyatt Bros. (with image: Wyatt Bros.' Superb Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods Establishment); Miss Bertie Willoughby; Daniel W. Carey; A. Tyler Hull; Residence of the Governor of the National Soldiers' Home (image).
--Page 21: S.S. Coston Co. (with image: Plant Showing the Great Oyster Industry of S.S. Coston Co.); John T. Bentley; C.H. Wilson & Son; W.V. Wood; "Fighting Bob" Evans' Fleet of War Ships at Anchor in Hampton Roads (image).
--Page 22: William T. Westwood Town Clerk (with image); Charles D. Parker; Mrs. India M. Stacey; Dress Parade at Fortress Monroe (image); An Evening Scene in Elizabeth City County (image).
--Page 23: Warren Hall; Buckroe Beach, Va. (image); Chas. F. Burges; Robert L. Tennis; C.M. Williamson; T.S. Tennis; Capt. John Smith Trading with the Indians (image).
--Page 24: The Houston Print'g & Publish'g House Home of the Hampton Monitor - The Hampton Monitor Office (image); H.R. Houston, Editor and Proprietor of The Hampton Monitor (image); Albert E. Walker, Editor and Compiler of the Industrial Edition of The Monitor (image); J.C. Richardson, Pressman (image); W.C. Ritter, Foreman of The Monitor (image); M.J. Hays, Foreman of the Job Department (image); Ralph Wirsching, Foreman of Press Room (image); Monecure Hope, Bookkeeper (image); L.B. Brushwood, General Jobber (image).
--Page 25: Great Store of The Hampton Firniture Company (image); Frankel & Eisenman (with image: Frankel & Eisenman's Men's Outfitting Emporium); John Hope.
--Page 26: The Augusta Hotel (with image); Garland E. Tignor; Fence Composed of Virginia Creeper, Trumpet Vines and Honeysuckle, Enclosing Grounds of the Jamestown Exposition (image); Joseph Gold (with image: Tonsorial Parlors of Joseph Gold); Miss Mamye Bulfin, of the Cheyne Studio (image).
--Page 27: Harry H. Holt, Clerk Circuit Court (with image); Frank C. Rees; W.H. Haynes; Joseph S. Weber; Park Overlooking Hampton Roads, National Soldiers' Home (image).
--Page 28: Edward R. Schrandt; The Hampton Steam Laundry; Samuel J. Watson Jr. (with untitled image of Watson's Electrical Place); Robert L.J. Gaylord, Justice of the Peace (with image).
--Page 29: R.C. Lee (with image: Pure Food Grocery of R.C. Lee); Cunningham Bros.; S. Marbach; Joseph F. Copeland; Eugene M. Turnbull; Jesse W. Foster, Hampton's Well Known Artist (image).
--Page 30: Hub Hotel and Restaurant (with image: Queen Street, showing The Hub Hotel and Restaurant); G.E. Trice & Co.; J.C. Councill (with image: Establishment of J.C. Councill); Battalion Drill at Fortress Monroe (image).
--Page 31: Sherwood Inn, Old Point Comfort, Va. (with image); F.W. Moore (with image: Moore's Wine Palace); Treasurer's Quarters, Surgeon's Quarters, National Soldiers' Home (image).
--Page 32: Bright View (with images: Bright View; Bright View from the Water Front); The Hampton Bakery; J.W. Benthall; Queen Street Supply Co.
--Page 33: Steiner & Kaufman (with image: Handsome Dry Goods and Millinery Emporium of Steiner & Kaufman); Pleasant's A. Jones (with images: W.A. Pleasants; A.C. Jones); Seymour & Mears; James V. Bickford (with image).
--Page 34: Central Methodist Episcopal Church, Rev. J.F. Cuthriell, Pastor (with images); Ransone Hardware Co. (with image: A.T. Ransone); Hampton Manufacturing Co., Geo. A. Blackmore, Prop. (with image: Foundry of the Hampton Manufacturing Co.); Joseph T. Lee (with image: Large General Provision Store of J.T. Lee); Monumental Bronze Co., N. Raynor, Agent.
--Page 35: Hampton, by Mary A. Denison (poem); James H. Brinson (with image: Residence of J.H. Brinson); James H. Turner (with image: Tonsorial Parlors of James H. Turner); Charles T. Taylor (with image: Interior of Bath Room Fitted by Charles T. Taylor).
--Page 36: Wah-To-Waso, Indian Princess, Jamestown Exposition (image); J.S. Darling & Son; G.K. Sinclair, Jr. (with image: Warehouses of G.K. Sinclair, Jr.); The National Cemetery; E.B. Chiles (with image); B.L. Jones & Co..
--Page 37: Hollins & Hargis; Barnes Hotel; Woodson N. Tignor.
--Page 38: Virginia Yacht Club; William Baulch, Old Point Comfort (with image); Gammel Hardware and Crockery Co., Newport News; Girard Chambers, Civil Engineer, Expert Surveyor (advertisement).
--Page 39: Some Worthy Ethiopian Enterprises - Consolidated Bank (with image: The Consolidated Bank of the Grand United Order of Galilean Fishermen); Charles H. Jones; The People's Building and Loan Association of Hampton (with image: Office of the People's Building and Loan Association); W.H. Robinson.
--Page 40: R.R. Palmer; John L. Lively (with image: Store and Residence of John L. Lively); James E. Smith & Co.;H.S. Thompson, Real Estate, Fire Insurance (advertisement).
--Page 41: James W. Taylor (with image: Store of James W. Taylor); .T. Henderson & Co.; John H. White & Son; Thomas Kennedy; A Happy Family in the Black District (image); O. Roch, Bakery, Confectionery, Ice Cream (advertisement); B. Katz's Money Saving Store (advertisement).
--Page 42: William T. Anderson; W.T. Smith; Where Cornwallis Surrendered (image); Hudgins Bros. Coal and Wood (advertisement); Hancock & Dixon Millinery Goods (advertisement); Phillips-Lackey Company Real Estate (advertisement).
--Page 43: Main Building, National Soldiers' Home (image); M.H. Morgan & Co. Real Estate, Rentals, Insurance (advertisement); T.J. Haskins Wall Papers, Mouldings, Interior Decorations (advertisement); Dr. Wm. H. Pearson, Dentist (advertisement); R.P. Valentine, Banker (advertisement).
--Page 44: A Wild West Assemblage, Jamestown Exposition (image); The Heffelfinger Co., Inc., Lumber, Coal and Building Material (advertisement); Hampton Sash and Door M'f'g Co. (advertisement, with image).
--Page 45: Cornwallis' Cave (image); Geo. W. Phillips Real Estate (advertisement); The Virginia Hotel (advertisement); Drs. B.F. & F.B. Pressey, Dentists (advertisement); Gammel Hardware and Crockery Co., Newport News (advertisement, with image).
--Page 46: Progressive Phoebus - Hon. L.P. Furness, Mayor of Phoebus (image); The National Soldiers Home; City Hall and Fire Department Headquarters (image).
--Page 47: Philip A. Fuller; Lawrence M. Brown; Buckroe Drug Store; Saunders & Kedan; Oscar J. Shipley; I.A. Saunders; Mellen Street, Looking Eastward (image); Retreat - Sundown - Honors of the Flag - Sunday Inspections - Honors to the Colors - National Soldiers' Home, Phoebus (image).
--Page 48: Dr. D.A. Bucker (with image); Robert A. Phillips; R.E. Gatewood; John H. Scully (with image); Claude B. Wagoner; Methodist Episcopal Church (image); Phoebus Graded School (image).
--Page 49: James Grant; W.A. May; Harvey N. Foster; Ode to Phoebus; A.E. Cogno; Hygeia Restaurant; Photograph Studio and Card Store of Claude B. Wagoner (image); Presbyterian Church (image); Protestant Episcopal Church (image); Mallory Street Looking Eastward (image).
--Page 50: The Hygeia Restaurant (image); The Lapidary (image); Atlantic Garden; Wm. H. Edwards; Richelieu Hotel; Residence of Quartermaster, Residence of Commissary, National Soldiers' Home (image); Hygeia Restaurant (advertisement).
--Page 51: The Richelieu - Lancer Bros., Props. (image); Hotel Phoebus (with image: Hotel Phoebus - James J. Burns, Prop.); Glasco Johnson; Roseland Hotel; The Military Esplanade, National Soldiers' Home, Phoebus (image).
--Page 52: The Roseland Hotel - E.O. Hunt, Prop. (image); Mrs. Mary E. Haverty; Porter's Corner (with image); N. Leonard; One of the Company Quarters, National Soldiers' Home, Phoebus (image).
--Page 53: The Senate (with image: The Senate - J.W. Scott, Prop.); C. Albright (with image: Store of Mrs. Clara Albright); The Palace Hotel; N.C. Barnes; Palace Hotel - W.P. Wheatcraft, Prop. (image).
--Page 54: Phoebus, Virginia & Vicinity (map); Stock Farm for Sale, Old Point Comfort, A.E. Walker (advertisement); J.N. Wilson & Sons, Hay, Corn, Oats, Mill Feed, Wood and Coal, Phoebus (advertisement).
--Page 55: Bank of Phoebus (advertisement with image); Old Dominion Brewing and Ice Company of Virginia (advertisement, with image).
--Page 56: McMenamin & Co.; Packing Fresh Crab Meat at the McMenamin Factory (image).
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People Jones, Thornton F., Sr. (Mayor, Lt. etc.)
Johnson, David
Lawson, William E.
Curtis, Robert Keith, Sheriff
Booker, Henry Wise ("Harry")
Cheyne, Christopher Ethelbert
Carey, Charles May, Dr.
Patrick, Alonzo A.
Newell, E. D.
Holt, Harry H., Sr.
Plecker, Walter A., Dr.
Savage, E. E., Colonel
Darling, Frank Wilkinson
Cumming, Samuel Gordon
Blackstone, John W.G.
Holtzclaw, Charles Taylor
Patrick, William T.
Williams, Oscar
Evans, William Francis, Capt.
Wood, George R.
Rowe, John W.
Lindenberger, Philip
Willoughby, Bertie, Miss
Carey, Daniel W.
Hull, A. Tyler
Coston, Samuel S.
Bentley, John T.
Wilson, Charles Henry
Wood, William V.
Westwood, William T.
Parker, Charles D.
Stacey, India M., Mrs.
Hall, Warren
Burges, Charles F.
Tennis, Robert L.
Williamson, C. M.
Tennis, T. S.
Houston, Harry Rutherford
Walker, Albert E.
Richardson, J.C.
Ritter, W.C.
Hays, M.J.
Wirsching, Ralph
Hope, Moncure
Brushwood, Leonard B.
Hope, John
Tignor, Garland E.
Gold, Joseph
Bulfin, Mayme, Miss
Haynes, W.H.
Rees, Frank C.
Weber, Joseph S.
Schrandt, Edward R.
Watson, Samuel J., Jr.
Gaylord, Robert L.J.
Lee, R. C.
Marbach, S.
Copeland, Joseph F.
Turnbull, Eugene M.
Foster, Jesse W.
Trice, George E., I.
Councill, J.C.
Benthall, J.W.
Pleasants, W.A.
Jones, A.C.
Bickford, James V.
Cuthriell, J.F., Rev.
Ransone, A. T.
Blackmore, George A.
Lee, Joseph T.
Raynor, N.
Denison, Mary A.
Brinson, James Henry
Turner, James H.
Taylor, Charles T.
Sinclair, G. K., Jr.
Chiles, E. B.
Jones, B.L.
Tignor, Woodson N.
Baulch, William
Chambers, Girard, Sr.
Jones, Charles H.
Robinson, W.H.
Palmer, R. R.
Lively, John L.
Smith, James E.
Thompson, H. S.
Taylor, James W.
Henderson, T.
White, John H.
Kennedy, Thomas
Roch, O.
Katz, B.
Anderson, William T.
Smith, W.T.
Cornwallis, Charles, Gen.
Morgan, M. H.
Haskins, T. J.
Pearson, William H., Dr.
Valentine, R.P.
Phillips, George W.
Pressey, B.F., Dr.
Pressey, F.B., Dr.
Furness, Louis P.
Fuller, Philip A.
Brown, Lawrence M.
Shipley, Oscar J.
Saunders, I. A.
Bucker, D.A., Dr.
Phillips, Robert A.
Gatewood, R.E.
Scully, John H.
Wagoner, Claude B.
Grant, James
May, W.A.
Foster, Harvey N.
Cogno, A.E.
Edwards, William H.
Burns, James J.
Johnson, Glasco
Hunt, E.O.
Haverty, Mary E., Mrs.
Leonard, N.
Scott, J.W.
Albright, Clara, Mrs.
Barnes, N. C.
Wheatcraft, W.P.
Wilson, J. N.
Topics Anniversaries--Jamestown Exposition (1907)
Downtown Hampton
National Soldier's Home
Old Point Comfort
Civil War
Seafood Industry
Tourism and Attractions/Resort Industry
African-American History
Cheyne Photography Studio
City Government
Civic groups/clubs
Fire Departments/Law Enforcement
Fort Monroe
Fort Wool/Calhoun
Hampton Roads (Greater Area)
Hampton University/Institute/Normal School
Hampton Yacht Club
Historic Structures
Post Offices
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