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Catalog Number 2011.22.555
Title Copies of 17th-19th century Elizabeth City County plats
Credit line Courtesy of Ann Chambers Mennell, in memory of Girard Chambers, Jr.
Collection Girard Chambers, Jr. Collection
Object Type Map
Description/Scope & Content Multiple maps and plats created by Kenneth Quinn of Hampton Properties. Also includes 17th century classifieds advertising properties. Dated 1619-1997.

-Map, labeled "1997-Digitized from 1854 Map West Side of Hampton Creek." Map encompasses multiple districts and includes a legend showing property owners and landmarks including Church Creek (Salters Creek), Town Ditch, and a "Location of Early Colonial Site" (known as the "Pentran" or "Jarvis" site, archaeological site #44HT44) with archeological information. Also includes the Hampton Creek (Hampton River) and "Great Creek" (Back River). Created by Kenneth L. Quinn. Dated March 14, 1997.

-Map, labeled "1997- Digitized from 1854 Map East Side of Hampton Creek." Map encompasses multiple districts and includes a legend showing property owners and landmarks including "Saint John's 2nd Church Site 1624-1666," "Glebe Land," and the "Buckroe Tract" which also contains the "Buckroe House." Also includes Hampton Creek (Hampton River), Mill Creek, and Fort Monroe. Created by Kenneth L. Quinn. Dated March 14, 1997.

-Hand-drawn plat, labeled "A Tract of Woodland Belonging to 'Wm. Thompson' Survey Bk. I, Pg 1806." Located on present-day Langley Air Force Base including "Celey Road" (does not currently exist as pictured) and the "Free School Swamp." Unsigned, likely created by Kenneth Quinn. Undated.

-Hand-drawn plat, labeled "Survey Bk I, Pg 49 Capt. Robt. Willis Land Known as the 'Glebe Land.'" Located in the Phoebus district. Created by K. L. Quinn. Dated January 19, 1971.

-Hand-drawn plat, labeled "Pascore Herberts Approx. 220 A.- 1807 Survey Bk. I, Page 11." Located in the Fort Monroe district including a "Light House," "Main Celey's Road," "West Point," and the James River. Created by K. L. Quinn. Dated January 18, 1971.

-Hand-drawn plat, labeled "Charles K. Mallorys Land (Known as the Lester Patent) Armistead or Sawyer Swamp Tract." Upper right corner reads, "Job No. 1853-229AC. Survey Bk. I, P 113." Created by K. Quinn. Dated November 29, 1984.

-Classifieds advertising the sale, lease, and rental of properties including those located in "Kiccoughtan (Strawberry Banckes Now Phoebus, VA & Hpt. Univ.)," "Hampton River," "Salford's Creek," and "Newport News & Blunt Point." Dated 1622-1649.
Creator Quinn, Kenneth
People Allen, William
Allington, Giles
Arundell, John
Arundell, Peter
Bainham, John
Baker, John
Barnes, Lancelott
Bentley, William
Borough, Robert
Bouldin, Mary
Bouldin, Thomas
Browne, Nicholas
Bush, John
Capps, William
Cheesman, John
Christmas, Dictoris
Claiborne, William
Claibourne, Elizabeth
Clayborne, William
Cock, William
Coleman, Henry
Coleman, Henry
Coniers, Thomas
Corsestam, Aron
Corsestam, Derrick
Dunthorne, Elizabeth
Flint, Thomas
Flinton, Pharoah
Gainye, William
Gillat, Robert
Godbye, Thomas
Gundry, John
Gundry, William
Hatfield, Joseph
Herbert, Pascoe
Heyley, Walter
Hooke, Francis
Hough, Francis
Houlder, John
Hull, Richard
Hunt, Ralph
Jarvis, Thomas
Johnson, Edward D.
Julian, William
Landrum, Robert A.
Lansden, William
Lansden, William
Lansden, William
Latimer, James
Leyden, John
Lupo, Albiano
Lupo, Elizabeth
Mallory, Charles King
Meades, David
Morrison, Richard
Mountney, Alexander
Neale, John
Newman, Robert
Oldis, Thomas
Parry, William
Partin, Robert
Perrott, John
Place, John
Poole, Henry
Purfury, Thomas
Purife, Thomas, Captain
Roulston, Lyonell
Salford, John
Salford, Robert
Sipsey, John
Spilman, Thomas
Stockden, Jonas
Sulley, Thomas
Taylor, John
Thompson, William
Thorogood, Adam, Capt.
Tompson, Maurice
Tucker, William
Waters, Edward
Waters, Edward
Wells, William
Willoughby, Ensigne Thomas
Wills, Robert, Capt.
Windmil, Christopher
Worlitch, William
Yeo, Leonard
Topics St. John's Church
Historic Structures
Place Names Waterway--Hampton River
Waterway--Mill Creek
District--Fort Monroe
Site--St. John's Church (Second Site)
Site--Syms Free School
Waterway--Back River
Waterway--Church Creek
Site--Jarvis (Pentran)
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